We take pride in offering the highest quality products and services at the most reasonable price

Master Tuckpointing are one of the leading companies specialising in tuckpointing and repointing services. We have over 20 years experience tuck-pointing and work on all types of buildings, each job is handled with a high level of professionalism and pride.

In addition we also carry out general masonry work and repairs, including restorations, brick staining, cleaning, painting as well as Stucco, Sandstone Imitations, Flemish Bond bricklaying and more.


Tuck pointing is our speciality, we use traditional methods and craftsmanship to achieve stunning results that will last for years. We cover all areas of Sydney and work on both residential and commercial buildings, including heritage restorations.

  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Traditional Methods and Tools
  • Federation and Heritage Tuckpointing
  • Mortar Repointing
  • Highly Skilled Craftsmanship
  • All Work is Guaranteed


If your brickwork or mortar is in need of repair at your home or business premises this may be causing structural damage to your building over time. We can help repair any mortar or brickwork degradation back to its original condition, making your building water tight and protected against the elements.

  • Professional Mortar and Brick Repair
  • We cover all types of Repair Ensuring Structural Integrity of your Building is Maintained
  • No job too big or small


Master Tuckpointing are masonry experts and cover all aspects of masonry. We have 20 years of experience in this field and understand the many different aspects involved during restoration works, including careful strategy planning for management of budgets and schedules. We will survey your restoration work and provide detailed feedback on the most suitable methods and course of action required to bring your masonry back to new.

  • Masonry Experts
  • Highly Experienced in all Areas of Restoration and Renovations
  • Strategy Planning


Our team have all the tools, experience and knowledge to carry out large and small scale cleaning and water proofing of your brickwork. Depending on the condition and state of your bricks or stonework we will determine the most suitable cleaning method that will effectively remove all build-up deposits and significantly enhance the appearance of the surface. During this process if any faults in the brickwork are discovered we can make an necessary repairs on the spot to ensure the integrity of the surface.

  • We can Clean any kind of Brick or Stone-Work
  • Small or Large Scale Cleaning and Waterproofing
  • Significantly Enhances the Look of your Building


If your brickwork or mortar is showing signs of cracking we can help repair and stabilise this with a variety of products and methods, including brick ties and brick stitching. Our team have decades of experience in this area and have carried out 100's of repairs over the years, restoring structural integrity!

  • Stabilise and Repair Cracking Brickwork
  • Non Disruptive Structural Stabilisation
  • All Work Guaranteed


Whether it’s Acrylic Texture Coating or a traditional cement “Sand Finish” render, rendering over those outdated bricks will make your home look like new!

  • Acrylic “Texture Coating”
  • Sand Finish Render


We can remove paint from your brickwork, restoring your house or commercial premises back to new. Once paint is removed from the brickwork we can thoroughly examine the condition of your bricks and mortar and identify any faults or potential issues that need to be addressed. This will ensure your bricks and mortar are providing an effective structural barrier for your home.

  • Paint Completely Removed form Bricks or Stone Work
  • We can carry out Necessary Repairs if Needed
  • Resealing of Brickwork can be applied if required


If you like the look of sandstone but you cant afford it or its not practical, we can provide Sandstone imitations that look great and last a lifetime.

  • We can provide Different Variations of Sandstone Imitations
  • Transform your House with the look of Sandstone but without the Cost
  • All Work Professionally Carried Out and Guaranteed


Brick staining is a very effective way of adding more character to your house without significant cost. We have 20 years of expertise in this field and can completely transform the look of your house. We provide full consultation on patterns and colours that would suit your style and size of house, ensuring that the end results are stunning.

  • Completely Transform the Look of your House
  • Pattern and Colour Consultation
  • Simply Stunning Results when combined with Tuck-Pointing

Lintel repairs

If you begin to notice cracks below or above windows, doors and wall openings, your existing lintel may need repairing or replacing. Lintels are a horizontal beam used above windows, doors and walls to support a property’s weight.

  • Inspect & consult
  • Repair where possible
  • Completely replace