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Tuckpointing is a highly skilled time-honoured traditional method of repairing and replacing crumbing mortar between stone and brickwork. This restores the brickwork / mortar and helps prevent deterioration to the structure by providing a weatherproof barrier against moisture.

Our team at Master Tuckpointing Sydney have carried out 100's of restorations and are highly accredited for being extremely meticulous and working to exacting standards.


The cost of Tuckpointing and Repointing are relatively small in comparison to the benefits which are achieved. In particular, professional Tuck Pointing can significantly increase the value of a property by dramatically enhancing its image and also reducing the risk of any future costly structural defects.

If a property is not maintained properly, over time mortar joints can become damaged leading to weatherproofing and structural problems in more sever cases.

Transform tired-looking and worn brickwork into a stunning, eye-catching feature for your home or building.

Sydney Master Tuckpointing are your local tuckpointing experts. You can rely on on us to work professionally and to an impeccable standard.

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Our specialist team work throughout Sydney on all types of homes, including tuckpointing heritage restorations.

At Master Tuckpointing we have over 20 years experience in the industry, we take pride in every job we complete and work to the highest of standards, offering a 10 year warranty on our workmanship. We have completed work on many high profile buildings, including working with Better Homes & Gardens on tuckpointing restoration.